(In)Accessible Healthcare Final Project

For my final project, I use a very personal story, the passing of my mother to demonstrate the literal deadly costs of inaccessible healthcare. I then use the stories of my partner and friends to show that people across this country and the world are unable to get healthcare based on their various social locations […]

Social media and how I fell short

Several nights ago, I was relaxing at home with my partner and scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed. I had seen a number of headlines and statuses decrying human trafficking and slavery in Libya, and I decided I finally had the emotional capacity to further investigate. I clicked on the most legitimate looking source and watched […]

The Deadly Cost of “Othering”

Although he passed in March of this year, Shayne Patrick Boyle’s story has gained attention on social media this month. His name gained recent popularity after Michael Whitney tweeted (above) in response to an article recently published on The Nation. The article described the current political climate and how it relates to the cost of […]

Reflections on Oppression

I recently interviewed for my field placement at an organization in Ann Arbor that aims to help women in crisis. The final question I was flippantly asked was if I have ever experienced oppression. The flippant nature was clearly because I am a Black woman living in America. The White women interviewing me were even […]

An Empowering Ally?

I was recently counseling an 18-year-old student in her first semester at college. I will call her Jessica*. Jessica is a Latina, first generation college student who was feeling quite lost. She felt out of place in her primarily White institution; she felt she did not know how to speak or interact with her White […]

Access to Healthcare Final Project

On March 14, 2000, my mother died of complications due to a head injury sustained in a car accident in Lagos, Nigeria. Although, at the age of six, I was in the car that toppled off the road, and I remember waking up in a ditch in immense pain, what haunts me the most is […]

Week 5 Reflections

There are times when I am overtly aware of sensitivity. I guess you could say I am sensitive to sensitivity. This sensitivity is someone else’s, and I know it is often coming from a good place. For example, someone claiming to be colorblind often stems from a person wanting to make me feel comfortable. They […]